23 June 2022

CEO Article: Government Unveils New Social Mobility Framework

As individuals we can achieve great things but working in partnership and collaborating, we can achieve so much more.

We welcome the launch of the new ‘State of the Nation Report’ from Government. The Social Mobility Commission reports on the state of social mobility in the country, using a new framework and setting out an exciting fresh approach. 

As a commitment to ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) Central District Alliance has made the delivery of social mobility initiatives part of our core priorities, as well as supporting the businesses we represent in Holborn and Clerkenwell.

CDA has always championed strong social value credentials with the work we are doing across the district. We recently published an article on the merits of a productive circular economy and how this would benefit our members.

We acknowledge, to have a productive and innovative economy, we need to tackle some of the obstacles stopping people from bettering themselves, the importance of breaking the cycle of deprivation is critical in particular to give our young people, women and other disadvantaged groups the tools they need to reach their full potential.  The government's Social Mobility Commission report has been welcomed and unveiled a new framework to measure social mobility. It will focus on the measures of social mobility and how they can help individuals move up in the world.

At Central District Alliance we endeavour to lead in social mobility bridging together businesses, local communities, and stakeholders. We are delivering on this core priority with initiatives such as:

  • Mayor’s Hospitality and Digital Academy Hubs – a new initiative for us working in partnership with Capital City College Group which will launch in September
  • Your Future Talent – an employability programme targeted at those wishing to undertake employment, skills and training – including Apprenticeships
  • Employability Projects (Good Work Camden and Islington Working)
  • Career Workshops

The Social Mobility Commission has unveiled a new framework to measure social mobility and is not planning to only focus on upward social mobility, but also wants to broaden the conversation and measure other forms of social mobility.

At Central District Alliance we take this seriously as people from all walks of life deserve a fair chance to progress. The social mobility report shows there are some groups getting ahead and others falling behind. Social mobility is complex, and we shouldn't be looking purely at upward social mobility at the expense of other types of mobility. We need to be aware of how our societal structures create barriers for some people and help others who are moving up the ladder.

We believe as individuals we can achieve great things but working in partnership and collaborating, we can achieve so much more.

Debbie Akehurst