04 July 2022

Commuter Club: time for your free podcasts, playlists and long reads

Fill your commute with music, dancing and history

We've got a fun-packed edition of the Commuter Club for you! Join us as we journey to Holborn and Clerkenwell for our podcast, playlist and long read.

NEW PODCAST - meet Victor, Alice and Gareth! 

NEW PLAYLIST - the sound of Bloom Clerkenwell 

Podcast - chatting with Shaftesbury Theatre, Colonel Saab, and Scotscape

Playlist - the sound of Scarfes Bar

Lond Read - Vic Keegan's London

Whether you prefer reading articles, listening to podcasts or discovering new music through playlists, we've got plenty to keep you entertained on your way to and from work this week. Check out the whole selection by heading to our website.

Read on to brighten your journey with art, anecdotes, history, culture and everything in between with The Commuter Club.

We hope you enjoy journeying through Holborn and Clerkenwell with us. We'll be discovering secret historical spots, meeting local characters and learning where to grab a delicious bite to eat.

Have a great week and happy commuting!

The Commuter Club