What We Are Doing

What we are doing

Collaboration and inclusion is part of who we are.

Through its collective voice, CDA is able to influence the policies and decisions that affect our business community. This includes the Mayor of London, local authorities, and various other stakeholder groups.

Our projects

Through these collaborations, CDA has implemented and continued to work on several projects including:

  • Public realms “Grey to Green project” will bring all green to eye level in line with slowly bringing people back into London.
  • Providing on-street teams to provide round-the-clock patrol as well as keeping CDA’s streets clean as well as forging links with local police – cleaners, ambassadors, and security.
  • Forging partnerships – Charities, local authorities, and think tanks.
  • Steering groups – Property Group and our Safety and Business Resilience group
  • Supporting businesses through marketing campaigns including the Central London Alliance, London rising and GLA to name a few.
  • Events – e.g. wellbeing events promoting an emphasis on mental health in with going back to work,

Where ideas meet action

Public Realm

A high-quality public space for all is one of the areas we focus heavily.

Safe, inclusive, and sustainable public spaces have a significant positive impact on the economic life of urban centres, which is essential for the success of any regeneration strategy.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we are developing and implementing various strategies to provide a worldwide experience and encourage workers, visitors and services to come back to the area. We are delivering projects that will offer well-designed, well-managed and sustainable public spaces which will increase footfall, stimulating the local economy while improving everyone's physical and mental health.

Our strategic interventions include both long term projects and incremental upgrades. Each tailored to fit its purpose and the character of its location and are all contained in our Public Realm Development Plan.

Safe streets

Our Security Patrol operates Monday to Friday and is there to help encourage a safe atmosphere, including sensitively dealing with anti-social behaviour. They also report and monitor into the local authority and the Metropolitan Police. 

Clean streets

The On-Street Cleaning Team, working Monday to Friday, provides an extra layer of litter picking and jet washing along our public highways. The team is on hand to support our community if there are any environmental concerns that need dealing with. 

Welcoming District

Our ambassador has an important role to play being another set of eyes and ears on the street, helping people with wayfinding and directions, imparting valuable local knowledge and also making sure that the area stays clean and safe.

Social Value

Doing well and doing good is key as we come together now in the effort to rebuild our lives and the economy.

Businesses today are engaged in creating wider social value, through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) related programmes. There is a growing body of evidence linking commercial success with responsible and sustainable business. Our campaigns align themselves to these principles and deliver tangible results and return on investment.

For the past three years, we have used the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) to inform campaigns that will drive long-term sustainable, commercial, economic and social growth. By providing hyper-local knowledge and driving collective action, we will transform our SDG from theory into practical, immediate and tangible actions and results.


SEE Strategy

Our Social, Environmentaland Economic Strategy will deliver a comprehensive approach to sustainability based on circular economy principles.

Footfall monitoring

We have commissioned experts to capture footfall
data which will be made available to our members to help inform policy-making and drive inward investment.

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Charitable giving

At the end of 2020 we made a £10,000 donation to both Camden Giving and Islington Giving to support their inspiring work in their respective communities.