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CDA Community Safety Team

The Central District Alliance Community Safety Team is dedicated to enhancing safety and security across our business district. Our security model and deployment of the team is shaped through comprehensive risk assessments across our urban area, this process includes analysing crime statistics, business concerns, partner data, footfall analysis, the terrorism threat and perception analysis surveys. This detailed approach allows us to understand and address the unique safety needs of our area effectively.

In addition to our women’s safety initiatives and business resilience forums, the Team’s high visibility patrols, often conducted in partnership with the Metropolitan Police, ensure a strong and reassuring presence on our streets. Our patrols are designed to deter crime, offer assistance to those in need and respond swiftly to incidents, thereby fostering a safer environment for everyone.

Our progress to date underscores the significant strides we’ve made. So far this year, the team has dealt with 84 significant incidents involving emergency services, missing persons, vulnerable members of the public, drug and drink-related issues, and antisocial behaviour. We have helped 6,457 individuals, including visitors and local employees seeking directions, general advice, or assistance. Additionally, we have completed 4,150 business taskings, which include business engagement visits, bespoke taskings, partnership patrols with local security teams and perimeter patrols of our larger corporate buildings and hotels. Community feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with local businesses reporting increased feelings of safety and security.

Our commitment to safeguarding the community is unwavering. We continuously adapt our strategies based on the latest international standards of security risk mitigation, local intelligence and  feedback, ensuring we meet the evolving needs of our district. This midterm review highlights our proactive approach to maintaining a secure environment for all. Together, we are making our district a safer place to live, work and visit. Our collaborative efforts with local businesses and the Metropolitan Police have been instrumental in achieving these successes and we look forward to building on this foundation in the months to come.

To find out more, or to speak with us about safety or security concerns, please contact Our Operations Manager, Sam, at

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