What we are doing - Central District Alliance

What We Are Doing

Collaboration and inclusion are at the heart of Central District Alliance’s identity.

By leveraging its collective voice, Central District Alliance (CDA) effectively influences policies and decisions that impact our business community. We engage with a wide range of stakeholders, including the Mayor of London, local authorities, and other key interest groups. By working closely with these influential parties, CDA ensures that the needs and concerns of our member businesses are heard and addressed, fostering a supportive environment for continued growth and success in central London.

Our Projects

Through these collaborations, CDA has implemented and continued to work on several projects including

Place Plan: Unveiling our design and delivery strategy for enhancing key public spaces in central London.

Grey to Green Project: Transforming urban landscapes by bringing greenery to eye level, fostering a welcoming environment as people gradually return to London.

On-Street Teams: Our dedicated patrol teams work around the clock to maintain clean and safe streets, forging strong connections with local police to ensure a secure environment. Our teams include cleaners, ambassadors, and security personnel.

Forging Partnerships: We actively collaborate with charities, local authorities, and think tanks to create a robust network that supports our mission and drives progress.

Steering Groups: Our Property Group and Safety and Business Resilience Group serve as vital channels for addressing the needs and concerns of our members, shaping our initiatives and strategies.

Supporting Businesses: We execute powerful marketing campaigns in partnership with organisations such as the Central London Alliance, London Rising, and GLA, amplifying the visibility of our members.

Events: We host a variety of events, such as wellbeing gatherings that focus on mental health, to support the holistic needs of our community as they transition back to work.

Public Realm

CDA BID brings together the five neighbourhoods of Holborn, Bloomsbury, St Giles, Clerkenwell and Farringdon.

CDA see investment into the streets and shared public spaces that centre and connect our neighbourhoods as an important opportunity. Enriching these spaces can create distinctive and vibrant places to enjoy, welcoming places to connect or peaceful places to rest.

Our public realm investment is guided by seven key objectives that reflect the BID’s strategic priorities and the principles of people centred design. These objectives provide a clear route for the BID to direct investment to the public space improvements that will have the greatest possible positive impact.

Safe Streets

Our Security Patrol operates Monday to Friday and is there to help encourage a safe atmosphere, including sensitively dealing with anti-social behaviour. They also report and monitor into the local authority and the Metropolitan Police.

Clean Streets

The On-Street Cleaning Team, working Monday to Friday, provides an extra layer of litter picking and jet washing along our public highways. The team is on hand to support our community if there are any environmental concerns that need dealing with.

Welcoming District

Our ambassador has an important role to play being another set of eyes and ears on the street, helping people with wayfinding and directions, imparting valuable local knowledge and also making sure that the area stays clean and safe.

Social Value

Businesses today are engaged in creating wider social value through Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) related programmes. There is a growing body of evidence linking commercial success with responsible and sustainable business. Our campaigns align themselves to these principles and deliver tangible results and return on investment.

For the past three years, we have used the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to inform campaigns that will drive long-term sustainable, commercial, economic, and social growth. By providing hyper-local knowledge and driving collective action, we will transform our SDGs from theory into practical, immediate, and tangible actions and results.

Your Future Talent

Launched in early 2022, Your Future Talent is a pioneering initiative aimed at connecting businesses, young people, and local job seekers. This programme supports participants in employment, skills development, and training, while also offering access to local apprenticeship schemes through various initiatives.

The projects we deliver are designed to not only equip and upskill local individuals for careers in hospitality but also to cultivate a new workforce of talented and driven employees. This helps businesses in the district replenish their staff levels with skilled professionals, ensuring a bright and prosperous future for our central London community

Your Future Talent