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CDA’s low-pollution walking route

Three Central District Alliance public realm and sustainability projects now comprise CDA’s low-pollution walking route that spans Islington’s Clerkenwell and Farringdon neighbourhood centres, running from Exmouth Market to Farringdon Station. At CDA our public realm placemaking spatial strategy is focused on the benefits of sustainable green infrastructure. We are connecting the public spaces in our footprint through a series of green links that foster active travel by improving air quality and enhancing the experience of walking and cycling.

Complementing the existing clean air walking routes in the Islington borough, our route travels from Exmouth Market through the beautiful Spa Fields – and then onwards to our new pocket park on Clerkenwell Close. The pocket park transformed a dead-end road into a lively space with seating made from reclaimed wood and planters that catch rainwater. Featured at the London Festival of Architecture and EcoCity World Summit in June 2023, the pocket park was co-designed in collaboration with local residents and businesses, and delivered in partnership with Islington Council’s Greening the Public Realm team. It reflects Islington’s commitment to increasing green space in the borough, as well as CDA’s commitment to supporting more resilient and sociable shared spaces for everyone.

Moving onto Clerkenwell Green, we supported in the delivery of a transformational public space in Islington that enhances the setting of the area’s historic buildings. The scheme has anchored Clerkenwell Green as a neighbourhood centre while reducing vehicle dominance and encouraging active travel. CDA contributed to the sustainable urban drainage elements of the scheme, such as rain gardens, porous paving and new planting.

Finally, at St John’s Garden, we are partnering with Islington Council and local residents to deliver a landscaping scheme that enhances the historic, woodland character of the garden while fostering biodiversity with the aim of achieving SINC status. The project is informed by deep stakeholder engagement and seeks to deliver on Camden and Islington’s joint Parks for Health strategy. It was also featured at EcoCity World Summit and celebrated for fostering community-led health and well-being programming.

Each of these projects demonstrate CDA’s commitment to connect our neighbourhood centres with low pollution routes that support health and well-being while allowing people to better discover the area on foot.

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