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London Real Estate Forum (LREF): conference and bus tour

We were pleased to participate in New London Architecture (NLA)’s annual London Real Estate Forum (LREF), both at the conference itself and through a bus and walking tour of our area.

On Wednesday 27th September, we participated in the conference day featuring panel discussions and project briefings that provoked thoughtful conversation on building liveable, vibrant communities.

It was great to have CDA representatives partaking in the forum’s discussions. Our Chair, Alexander Jan, lent his expertise to the opening keynote on the State of the Market, providing key insights into current real estate trends. Meanwhile, Debbie Akehurst, our Chief Executive, brought her passion for creating social value to a lively panel discussion exploring how to build community-focused developments. Additionally, our External Affairs Manager Marcos Gold brought his experience with forging partnerships to a roundtable focused on the power of collaboration across sectors.

On Thursday 28th September, we hosted a walking and bus tour as part of LREF! The tour took us through Holborn and Clerkenwell, with guest speakers from Momentum Transport Consultancy and Shaftesbury Theatre, alongside our Public Realm Team. We heard about placemaking and public realm improvements in the CDA district, showcasing our long-term vision for the area and our involvement in bringing some of these projects to fruition.

We weaved in a walking tour either side of the bus tour, to highlight our spatial strategy for the area and to promote part of our low pollution walking route. The route links Exmouth Market to Farringdon station and supports health and wellbeing, whilst encouraging people to discover the area on foot. Find out more here.

Events like the London Real Estate Forum are valuable for exchanging knowledge and making connections across sectors to drive positive change. We look forward to the fruitful outcomes and thank NLA for organising this thought-provoking forum.

Together, we’re building a brighter, greener and more vibrant Central London. If you’d like to know more about public realm improvements, please reach out to our Public Realm Team by emailing us at

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