Outcomes of CDA’s Christmas donation to Islington Giving - Central District Alliance

Outcomes of CDA’s Christmas donation to Islington Giving

Between March and December 2020, Islington Giving supported a borough-wide laptop drive for disadvantaged students across Islington as part of the Crisis and Recovery Fund.

From the support of multiple local funders and organisations including the Central District Alliance, Islington Giving worked closely with Islington Council to source 3000 devices.

The BID contributed directly towards the purchase and distribution of 24 Chromebooks for Upward Bound students and 335 Chromebooks for disadvantaged year 10 students across the borough of Islington.

Alex Jan, Chair of Central District Alliance said: “This year has been particularly tough on the charitable sector. As hard as everyone found lockdown and the economic fallout from it, there has been much debate around the levels of suffering endured by different parts of society.

That’s why we are very pleased to support a very important local charity, Islington Giving. An organisation who is committed to working with the most vulnerable in our community, addressing inequality and ending poverty.”

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