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Red Lion Street and Bedford Row: Safer, healthier, greener

CDA is committed to improving the streets and shared public spaces that connect our neighbourhoods. Enriching these spaces can create distinctive and vibrant places to enjoy, welcoming places to connect or peaceful places to rest.

Our support spans from large-scale transformational improvements such as the brand new pedestrianised public space at Princes Circus, to investment in new trees and planters across our neighbourhoods.

We are proud to have supported Camden Council’s ‘Safe and Healthy Streets’ project on Red Lion Street, Dane Street and Bedford Row. This project aimed to address high numbers of motor vehicles using Red Lion Street, Dane Street and Bedford Row as a cut-throughs, making these roads feel unsafe.

During the Covid-19 crisis, we have all experienced what it’s like to have quieter neighbourhoods, cleaner air and more space to walk, cycle or spend time outdoors. This project began as a temporary trial during the pandemic, however, investment from CDA has helped build on this project and establish these changes for the long term, creating a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists and delivering more shared outdoor public space.

Red Lion Street will have a new 30-metre-long pedestrian and cycle zone, with a two-way paved cycle track and new cycle parking stands. Pavements in this zone will be broader, with high quality paving and shade from new trees. This will help create a safer environment for active travel, so important for health and wellbeing; and as our summers grow hotter, provide shaded outdoor public space.

On Bedford Row, through-traffic will be restricted and the pavement extended out at the junction with Sandland Street. This will not only shorten the crossing distance for pedestrians, but also create a new outdoor rest spot with benches and tree shade.

These projects are just the beginning of our public realm strategy for the district – keep an eye out as we undertake further works to create more welcoming, safer and greener places in which to live, work and play.

The streets and shared public spaces that connect our neighbourhoods are an important opportunity to support communities, health and quality of life, and we’re working on more ways to bring these opportunities to life!

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