Take part in the London Festival of Architecture 2023 - Central District Alliance

Take part in the London Festival of Architecture 2023

On 22nd February we hosted a briefing, alongside representatives from the London Festival of Architecture (LFA). The session sought to engage local stakeholders on opportunities to participate in highlighting Clerkenwell and Holborn as a design destination during the festival. At the briefing, we presented an overview of our various public realm workstreams, as they tie into LFA’s broader theme, ‘In Common’.

The theme – which will be explored in more detail during the festival, from 1st-30th June,– calls for a reflection upon our shared spaces and shared resources. At CDA, our public realm strategy speaks directly to this, as we work to strengthen our neighbourhood centres, and the low pollution green links that connect them. Our public realm investment therefore focuses on the shared spaces that anchor our five neighbourhoods, to help the wider area become a more enjoyable place to work, gather and do business.

We currently have a number of projects in progress across the CDA footprint; all of which aim to rejuvenate the public spaces in question; increasing accessibility, safety and greenery.

Emerging from the pandemic, and on the backdrop of a climate crisis, these investments in public health and green infrastructure are vital. They come back to the theme of ‘In Common’ – investing in our spaces, in order to build resiliency into our current and future neighbourhoods.

We are thrilled to showcase these efforts by highlighting Clerkenwell and Holborn as a design destination as part of LFA this summer. We are also an LFA partner and therefore would like to invite businesses in Holborn and Clerkenwell participate with us. This might be in the form of stand-alone event or an event in collaboration with us; supporting a public art installation; or even by exploring opportunities for catering.

If your organisation is interested in running an event for this year’s LFA by collaborating with us, you can benefit from our LFA partnership, at no additional cost;

  • LFA team support: 1-1 curatorial meeting, enhanced organisational support, in-house promotion for Clerkenwell & Holborn (as a destination)
  • Increased promotion and thus greater awareness of events within destinations and likelihood that those ‘in the area anyway’ will drop in
  • Some organisations are already exempt from LFA listing fees (local authorities, charities, some community and grass roots organisations)
  • If your organisation is not exempt, you can either list an event yourselves, and benefit from the LFA ‘early bird’ fee OR CDA can list an event for you as a joint partner event, for free.
  • If you would like to list an event yourself but are unable to make the 3rdMarch deadline, CDA can help you list, as the partner event deadline is 17th March

Please get in touch with Katie at katie@centraldistrictalliance.com to learn more.

Please note that the final deadline for expressions of interest in participating in LFA is 17th March. The LFA team can be reached with any further enquiries at Sophie.roberts@nla.london

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