Red Lion Street Works Commence - Central District Alliance

Red Lion Street Works Commence

The works at Red Lion Street, Bedford Row, and Dane Street have commenced as part of Central District Aliiance and Camden Council’s plans to improve the public realm.

Red Lion Street Improvements: 

  • Making permanent the through-traffic restriction to motor vehicles (except specific vehicles including emergency services)
  • Retaining the Motor Vehicles Prohibited signage
  • Introducing a 30m pedestrian and cycle zone
  • Footway extension on both sides of the street to create approximately 0.9m width of additional pedestrian space on either side of the road
  • Paving the pedestrian and cycle zone with functional and high-quality materials including granite setts surfaces and granite kerbs.
  • Widening and paving the footway by approximately 0.9m on both sides and paving a 30m long by 2.8m wide, semi-raised, two-way cycle track through the centre of the pedestrian and cycle zone with ramps installed at both end.

Bedford Row Improvements:

  • Restricting southbound motor traffic movements on Bedford Row at the junction with Sandland Street to create an approximately 30m northbound-only section of Bedford Row (except cycles) at that location (the remainder of Bedford Row is two-way)
  • A pavement extension on the eastern side of Bedford Row creating a new area of public realm that also acts to enforce the southbound motor traffic restriction. Highquality materials, such as Yorkstone paving slabs and granite kerbs, have been proposed
  • Low-level planting in the centre of the buildout
  • 4 benches adjacent to the buildout in line with existing trees. The existing bench on the west side of the junction with Sandland Street will be replaced to match
  • Implementing a 2-metre wide southbound cycle lane which will be paved with smooth granite setts and protected by bollards.
  • Approximately six cycle stands are proposed adjacent to the footway buildout

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