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26 June 2022

On London: Clerkenwell, home of the Kodak empire

It was the dominant force in photography until losing focus on its own future.

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23 June 2022

CEO Article: Government Unveils New Social Mobility Framework

CDA Chief Executive, Debbie Akehurst, welcomes the launch of the new ‘State of the Nation Report’ from Government. The Social Mobility Commission reports on the state of social mobility in the country, using a new framework and setting out an exciting fresh approach.

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13 June 2022

CEO Article: Circular Economy - ‘A CDA Perspective’

Circular Economy - ‘A CDA Perspective’ an article by CDA Chief Executive Debbie Akehurst on 'Circular Economy Week'

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12 June 2022

On London: The Clerkenwell House of Detention

It was the scene of a murderous jailbreak attempt in the late 19th century, though the site would later have happier associations.

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08 June 2022

Red Lion Street Works Commence

Public Realm improvement works have commenced at Red Lion Street, Dane Street, and Bedford Row. These works are part of Camden Council's regeneration of the local area supported by Central District Alliance.

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30 May 2022

CDA Newsletter - May 2022

Click below to read the latest CDA newsletter and find out what the team have been up to over the past month!

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30 May 2022

On London: The Great Beer Flood of St Giles

It would have been funny had its consequences not been so terrible.

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27 May 2022

CEO Article: Where business meets community

At CDA, we consider our members to be comprised of multiple businesses within a community. We like to lead by example and as such, support our local communities across the district in partnership with a variety of organisations, including Breaking Barriers, Action Funder and Good Work Camden.

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26 May 2022

CDW Conversations at Clerkenwell: Future London

Central District Alliance will be hosting a panel event looking at the Future of London. The panel will explore the interplay between people, community, and place. Click below to book your space!

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