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07 March 2022

On London: St Mary’s Nunnery and the well that gave Clerkenwell its name

Medieval London was a wellspring of religious institutions and observance.

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28 February 2022

Central District Alliance Community Funds

These funds are for community and charity groups in the Camden and Islington area of the Central District Alliance. At CDA we believe in the power of community and partnered with ActionFunder to deliver direct to community support.

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21 February 2022

On London: Gamages – Holborn’s pioneer department store

It sold just about everything, but especially toys and sports equipment, and took pride in offering lower prices than all the competition.

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Event: 16 February 2022

CDA Business Breakfast: Prospects for the UK economy

‘Future prospects for the UK economy’ – breakfast, discussion and Q&A with Vicky Pryce, Economist and Business Consultant

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Event: 08 February 2022

Your Future Talent - an apprenticeship event by CDA

CDA invites you to the launch of “ Your Future Talent” – a social value initiative supporting youth employment.

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08 February 2022

EC1 Echo interviews CDA CEO

Trees, tourists, jobs and apps: Debbie Akehurst of the Central District Alliance talks about its plans for EC1 by Oliver Bennett

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03 February 2022

On London: What Holborn gave to football

The game been played in London for centuries with on discernible rules but one day in a pub on Great Queen Street that began to change.

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25 January 2022

Now supercharge London’s Covid recovery, say business leaders

CDA Chair Alexander Jan comments in Evening Standard calling on the government to maintain a commitment to London.

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24 January 2022

On London: Margaret Cavendish, singular scholar of Clerkenwell

She was mocked in her time, but the enigmatic duchess is now admired for her literary output and intellectual insights.

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